the truth is in the napkin.

last night the mister and i went out for a little din-din. we went to the ale house, our favorite neighborhood pub. we ate. we drank. we paid our check. and then i glanced at the table where our used napkins were sitting side-by-side. mine was smoothed out and neatly folded. the mister's was crumpled into a ball and tossed on the table. i started laughing, because although i don't particularly want to be defined by a napkin,  this is our relationship in a nutshell. i like things "just so" and the mister exists within a bubble of chaos. i guess there is truth in the old adage "opposites attract."


a little nutty.

just in case you were not entirely convinced that i have lost my marbles... i created a "store." personally i think it is charming. the mister snagged this display case before his store threw it in the dumpster. it has been sitting  idle for four months waiting for creative inspiration. it came sans shelves, but i got crafty with cardboard. maybe one day i will even paint the cardboard. now this store will likely only ever see one customer (yes pumpky, that's you!), but did that stop me from creating a sign? nope. like i said...etsy and i are tight. just like two peas in a pod
happy april fool's day!!