go waters?

big-E constantly asks to "go waters." (he made it plural, don't ask me why.) the kid is obsessed with water. obsessed.

puddle, lake, river, bath, bay, sink, canal, pond, ocean, you name it, the kid wants to see it.

our favorite place to see water is the state park near our house. we go there everyday, sometimes twice a day. it is not a gigantic park, but it is a small chunk of wild jutting out into the bay. we go to the shoreline where big-E throws rocks in the water, splashes in the water, and talks to the water. i sit on a bench in the shade, throw the rocks big-E occasionally brings me, ooh and aah at his "big splash," and relax. yes, relax. it is the only place on earth where my energetic, active, bundle of boy turns into a calm, stay-in-one-place, happy camper. 

on this big-E and i can agree...our state park is a slice of heaven.