eggnog heaven.

many of you are probably aware that starbucks features a few special drinks during the holiday season. although you might not realize that in december i have virtually no ability to resist the impulse to steer my way towards the nearest starbucks location to procure a delectable eggnog latte. this year i avoided the beverage for a significantly longer time than i ever have in the past, not succumbing to the temptation until the second week of december. however, despite my late entry into drinking the holiday concoctions, i nonetheless outdid any of my previous performances. in the short amount of time i had to gulp my way through these ridiculously expensive renditions of coffee, i put a shameful dent in my bank account. as if i am the queen of sheba, in a mere 2.5 weeks of drinking these delights, i spent $68.18. gasp! me thinks that a libation made of gold would not cost more. the mister and i are thankful that these delights are only on offer a few months out of the year. if this was a year-round beverage, i am quite certain i would slurp us out of house and home.

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  1. oh pickel, no. the calories scare me more than the $'s. I'm a venti decaf girl with a $2/day habit.