a few days ago i was at the grocery store, in the produce section to be exact. i was totally engrossed in my efforts to pick the perfect apples for the mister. he likes any varieties that have that marbled red & yellow coloring, but prefers honeycrisps and pacifics, which seem to be available only three days a year. he also wants BIG apples. not regular sized apples, but the mondo probably-grown-with-steroids kind of apples. i have tried to figure this out to no avail. i once suggested that when ginormous apples are unavailable he could take two small apples. i was given the look of divine patience.  you know the one when they look at you and summon a heavenly calm, before lowering themselves to the dubious task of having to explain the mundane to a mortal. right then. BIG apples. got it.

anywhooo..i was merrily minding my own business selecting some large and unbruised fujis, when a lady called out to me from the banana display. she was holding up a tiny yellow blob and asked me if i had ever tried one. i am quite certain i gave her an utterly blank look. not out of disrespect, but out of sheer ignorance. i had absolutely no idea what she was holding. she explained that it is a baby banana and her friend "just loves them." since i was unable to give her any type of recommendation, she made the wise decision to buy one figuring if she loved it she could come back and get more. well now of course i have abandoned my pursuits with the mister's apples and am entranced by these little darlings. also called nino bananas, ladyfinger bananas, stubby bananas, and  finger bananas. they lack the graceful arc of a traditional banana, favoring a more rotund appearance similar to large and pudgy fingers (hence some of the nicknames), but they are unmistakably bananas.

at this point curiosity absolutely wins and i have no choice but to buy a baby banana myself. in fact, i buy two. one for me and one for the mister. he is a funny cat, sometimes he wants nothing to do with my food finds and other times he feels sadly neglected if i do not buy one for him. i erred on the side of caution and bought him his very own baby banana. i am sure you are all dying to know how a baby banana tastes and well....it tastes like a banana.

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