kosher coke.

i have never tried to keep kosher, which is probably a good thing, because it never ever ever ever ever would have dawned on me that i need to check my soda to see if it is kosher. but as declared by the orthodox union, certain parts of coke and diet coke meet kosher standards. good to know. but how many different parts of coke are there?
this letter was hanging from the coke shelf at the grocery store.

my question. the rabbi has certified coke for passover 2010. does that mean that after passover coke is no longer kosher? this is so confusing.

 and the coke marketing department gets in on the action. sweet.


  1. Pepsi also produces Kosher for Passover. All of our concentrate is Kosher but for the soda to be K the rabbi has to come and bless the plant. That and we have to produce with sucrose because HFCS is well, um, not Kosher I guess. Pretty much only our NJ plant produces for passover, but other bottlers might.

    How much do you really want to know? So even though Throwback is produced with Kosher concentrate, and sucrose, it is not a Kosher product because we don't go to the trouble to get the rabbi and change the graphics to add the K. So there you have it.

  2. the rabbi blesses the plant? thats it? i mean, i am sure that is a big deal, but it seems to me that once blessed you are good to go and you should be able to declare your product kosher. well, at least the throwback stuff, which by the way is delightful. i tried the mountain dew. cant say that i noticed a difference in taste, but i love the old school designs. they are much more in tune with my aesthetic. i swear i should have grown up in the 60s...would've fit me perfectly.

  3. Really, HFCS isn't Kosher? Any idea why?