just call me grannie.

for some reason that i cannot explain, i have a lot of little old lady tendencies. i generally carry candy in my purse. i drive ridiculously cautiously and often rather slowly. i make quilts. i have a basket on my bicycle. and i have a weird obsession for muumuus.
 vintage muumuus. my dream.

my muumuu infatuation has recently taken over my life. in college i owned a mustard yellow muumuu, but upon graduation i gave it back to the thrift store whence it came. clearly these days i am pining over my loss. i actually experienced a serious case of envy when i crossed paths with my 80-something neighbor and she was wearing a classic muumuu. how come she has one and i don't? not fair. it should come as no surprise that i added "housedress" to my list of sewing projects.  i spent a while searching the internet looking for a muumuu pattern. only problem being that i thought muumuu was spelled "mumu" so all i managed to find was this website that provides information about finding modest clothes. for those of you in the market for pettipants,  culottes, and caftans, this is the site for you!
orange pettipants. yahoo!!

since my pattern quest was unsuccessful i changed direction and decided instead to make a cute drawstring dress, as if a housedress has the potential to be cute. whatever. i can dream. that plan seemed great until i tried it on and realized that i somehow managed to make a hot pink tent. oops. so i made some alterations and the tent now resembles a housedress. sort of. and then i discovered the correct spelling for "muumuu" and found some directions for sewing a proper muumuu. it's back on my "to do" list.

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