keeping time.

the backwards goofy watch.
when i was young i always wore a watch. i once had a goofy watch that ran backwards. i thought i was extra special because i could use it to tell time and everybody else looked at it and got stuck. stuck in time (hee hee). but somewhere in my twenties i developed a distaste for wearing watches on my arm. my parent's indulged my whim by gifting me with a gorgeous swiss army knife pocket watch. sadly the time-changer mechanism broke during my peace corps service, so the watch is permanently stuck on lesotho time.
my gorgeous pocket watch.
since then i have tried to find a watch that could fit into my lifestyle and my budget, but it has been an impossible task. i use my cell phone for the time and i have managed almost perfectly without a watch. the only glitch is my day job. i always have to know what time it is, but i do not always remember my phone. simple solution? get a watch. sure thing. except that i am me and i need a watch that is indestructible, adorable, and comfortable. oh and preferably under $20. ummm...no problem? big problem. i might be the pickiest person on the planet. i know exactly what i want, except that nobody makes it. in my search i did find a few specimens with potential, but considering their fragility or three-digit price tags, they are out of the question.
some lovely, but impossible watches.
what is a girl to do? make my own watch of course. well, sort of. i happened upon a kid's watch that has an easy-to-replace band, a cheap-O price tag, and is hopefully strong enough to survive life with me. i sewed (naturally) a new watch band and am now convinced that i have found my indestructible, adorable, and comfortable watch. time will tell.
the kid's watch that became MY watch.
p.s. all puns intended.

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