wednesday windows #2.

the second installment of wednesday windows.

i took this picture through my windshield (fear not, i was stopped at a light). since childhood i have coveted the original VW beetles. i still harbor fantasies that i will one day own one of these babies. the one in the picture is a bit dilapidated, but here on the streets of miami it is rare to find such a gem amongst all the hummers and lamborghinis.

i spend approximately 1,000 hours a year holed up with small children, so it is probably no surprise that on the days recess is rained out, i am just as saddened as the kids. over the years i have come up with some creative ways to keep the kids entertained without causing me to lose my sanity, but today's inspiration was the best ever. i dumped a box of mini-blocks on the carpet, paired up the kids, and gave them one minute to make a tower. tallest tower got a point. and then we did it again. and again. and again. instant hit. clearly we know what will be happening in my room the next time it rains on our recess.

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  1. My first car was a Green VW Beetle. Loved it! Had to get rid of it when I had Stephanie--not exactly the car you want to be in with a baby, especially when you are rear ended on a freeway ramp with baby in the back seat..ouch!

  2. this is exactly why i dont have an original beetle...my practical side, which requires modern safety apparatuses, overrules my fantasy side. oh well. some day when i live in a tiny hamlet where speeds never exceed 25 mph, i will own one of these darling cars. :)