gingher me happy.

for the last two months i have been ogling the flyers i get in the mail from joanns fabrics. considering i have a mountain of fabric and was not actually sewing (having a newborn apparently reduces project time to zero), all i could do was gaze adoringly at the flyer and dream of the days when i would find my way back to the store. and then last weekend happened. when it was time to run some errands, the mister let me add joanns to our list of stops, because all scissors were 50% off and i declared that i wanted NEEDED a new pair of thread cutting scissors. no brainer. until we got to the store where i found an almost empty scissor display. lucky for me, without complaining the mister drove me to another joanns, where i bought my first pair of GINGHERS!

for those of you who may not be familiar, ginghers are the crème de la crème of sewing scissors. owning a pair makes me feel like i have reached the pinnacle of sewing and entered a secret society of sewers. [side note: i find it rather unfortunate that the word for a group of people who sew happens to be spelled exactly the same as the name for the underground pipes which carry sewage.] you might think i am being dramatic, especially since i got itty-bitty scissors, but they are stupendous. and GOLD-plated. and they come with a leather sheath and a tin storage box. i mean seriously, when was the last time you bought scissors that came with a storage box?


  1. I have a gingher scissors from my grandmother. The fabric cuts itself in their presence.

  2. YES!!! clearly you know the joys of gingher-hood.