art. not the garfunkel kind.

okay, i know i am a little gung-ho with the student artwork these days, but i cannot help it. i adore kids art AND i love my job. yes, i said it again. i love my job. for reals people. for five years, i worked my tuches to the bone, slogging through reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic, so let me bask in this joy for a few months. fear not, i have no intention of turning this blog into a parade of all of my students' projects, but there will definitely be some glimpses into the amazingness that is elementary school art. 

abstract faces. inspired by paul klee's "senecio."


one black dot. (incorporate a black dot into a drawing of your choice.)


concentric circles. inspired by wassily kandinsky's "farbstudie quadrate."



self-portrait collage quilt. inspired by faith ringgold's "tar beach."


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