pringles anyone?

happy new year!!!

the first post of the new year! clearly this post should be about something thrilling and important to start the new year off with bang. i have been trying to think of something that might fit the bill, but i seem to be coming up short.

i ♥  grapefruit juice.

hmmm...i could tell you about my recent switch from apple juice to grapefruit juice. let us just say that i am obsessed. i drink a LOT of grapefruit juice (averaging a quart a day). or perhaps we could marvel over my lack of interest in sugary goods. that's right...my gigantic sweet tooth seems to have shrunk. i mean seriously, i used to be a cookie monster and now i could take them or leave them! i also developed a fondness for pringles. i always liked them, but i did not typically purchase them. and then one day i did and i went home and ate the whole can. this repeated itself a few times, before i finally lost interest.

original pringles. yummy.
but none of that is exactly "start the new year off with a bang" kind of news. perhaps instead i should tell you about the enlarged belly i am experiencing as a result of eating a ridiculous amount of pringles. or perhaps my belly is growing because it is home to pringle....the newest (and youngest) member of our family. that is right folks...the mister and i are cooking up a little bundle of joy. actually we have been cooking the little one for over four months (which explains all the weird food habits) and cannot wait until its expected arrival in june.

our little pringle at the end of november.

three cheers for lots of excitement, new adventures, and boundless joy in 2011!!!


  1. Congratulations Pickle! Such fun.

  2. thanks jenny!!!! we are super duper excited. :)

  3. Pickle, Pringle....pseudonyms are confusing!! Congrats to you - it's an amazing ride. :)

  4. heehee...you don't like our pretty "P" names?

    thank you!! we are already enjoying the craziness of it... pringle did not waste any time taking over our life, but it is all new and exciting. we can't wait to meet the little one.