wednesday windows #7.

did you think i forgot? nope. not this week.

i took this picture while i was driving to work. this is a lotus. i love the movie "pretty woman" so i was hoping that i was getting to see a real live lotus esprit just like the movie, but no such luck. this was a lotus elise. or something like that. can't say i would mind driving one of these around town, but i am guessing it is not worth the investment, since there is no place for pringle.

maybe it is the jewish side of me, or maybe i am just a cheap-O, but i hate paying for parking. it gets under my last nerve EVERY time. naturally pringle's doctor is at a medical center that requires every single car to pay for parking. argh! i detest this so much that i park on the street and walk the two blocks to the doctor's office. not only does this save me from the irksome fees, it also gives me a modicum of exercise.

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  1. My ob is at Cedars Sinai here in LA. The parking is outrageous. $7 for the first 30! I park on san vicente and walk too. Although I just found out there is a wells fargo that validates on the ground level. I try to remember to save any banking for when I have ob appointments, so I can park in the structure for free. God knows it's too cold (63) to walk the 2 blocks in winter!

  2. you just made my day. i am delighted to know that i am not the only one who goes out of their way to avoid stupid parking fees.

    and 63 is DEFINITELY too cold to be walking any number of blocks. (we are wimps. haha.)