THE quilt day 6.

a wee bit of time has passed since the last installment of quilt news, but there are good reasons. first, the mister and i went on a much needed and first-ever vacation. oh we have traveled together, but we have never gone somewhere, just the two of us, for the sole purpose of relaxing and spending time with just each other. ummm...i do not know why we waited four years to do this. i guess we had some idea that it would require lots of planning or money or time. it did not. we drove two hours, found a lovely little motel on the beach, and plunked down for two days of doing whatever we felt like doing whenever we felt like doing it. it was dreamy.

lounging at vero beach.

second reason is that i have officially entered the third trimester of pregnancy and my weekday energy has been zapped right out of my bones. which leaves me the weekends for sewing. long story short, yesterday was my first day of sewing in ten days. gasp!

this time around we have circles from california, virgina, florida, and germany.

the last bits of fabric are trickling in from around the globe. despite wanting to wait for every last person i have ever known to send fabric, on march 31st, i finally decreed that i would no longer accept new offers. so the last pieces of cloth are making their way to us and the design is finalized. phew. i cannot wait to start putting it all together!


  1. it took me 8 years to convince carl that going on vacation didn't mean going to visit family. so we went to visit his mother, then went off on our own for a few days, then visited his mother again on the way home. he discovered that it was actually possible to do it without feeling guilty about going somewhere without her. it took nearly 20 years to convince him that visiting africa was worth the expense. once we hit the first game reserve, he was hooked. our reaction was the same as yours, "why did we wait so long to do this?" janissa

  2. we are definitely going to do this again. even if we go to the exact same motel every single time...that's okay. sometimes you just have to get out of the house for a few days.

    now that i know your story, i guess 4 years isn't so bad. haha. :)