THE quilt snooze.

the glorious roman glass pastel.

it has been a little while since my last post. considering that there is a new life brewing in my belly, a slightly overwhelming quilt project in progress, and the regular nonsense that is my existence, you would think i would have something to say. i do, except i have been sleeping. a lot. oh and trying to get semi-prepared for the impending arrival of little pringle.

my "extra" fabric from fabric.com. yum.

but it is time for a quilt update. although i have been hitting the snooze button a LOT, i have accomplished a few tasks. i officially decided that the backing fabric will be roman glass pastel - big thanks to those of you who put in a vote. it is expected to arrive on tuesday and i canNOT wait. of course, all i had to do was spend an extra $15 to get free shipping, so naturally i had to buy some other goodies. poor me. i got a couple simple, but lovely designs. but back to the quilt. after coming up with a design two weeks ago, i finally finally finally cut all the pieces for the back. it was hard to find the time in between all my sleeping, but it happened.

lots of backing pieces...yahoo!!

it has been a few weeks since i have pondered the front of the quilt. i cut out the background fabric, marked the edges of the design space with masking tape, and started laying out circles. my plan was to arrange the circles by size...spreading the various sizes out evenly across the whole design. sadly the result was a discombobulated hodgepodge. then i tried arranging the circles by color and voila...i was in love. but that leads us to a BIG problem. i am STILL waiting for the fabric coming from lesotho. it has been in transit for over a month and we have no idea when it will arrive. super frustrating, but what can you do? sooooo after waiting another couple weeks, i finally gave in to the fact that i have to begin sewing without this fabric in hand. the mister called his sister to inquire about the colors of the expected fabric, so i will  be able to save spaces and start sewing. 

messy hodgepodge. this layout clearly ain't working.

long story short...today i am officially laying out all of the circles. i have strapped a pair of the mister's socks to my knees, because my ordinary methods of squatting or crouching are simply not gonna happen with my mondo-belly. instead i will be crawling around on my makeshift knee pads. awesome. soon, very soon, i will post some pictures of quilt progress.

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  1. You will make it and I can't wait to see the finished project!