leggy. humph.

i have been noticing that despite sunshine, rain, and tender loving care, my swiss chard seedlings are floppy. today, i asked my gardening guru, doc, if she thought i had something to worry about. 

legs a mile long. sayonara floppsies. 

her diagnosis? yes. apparently my seedlings are leggy. do what? yes, they are leggy. this means they are growing up up up in a desperate attempt to get closer to the light. oh. and here i thought that they were getting taller taller taller, because of my magical gift of gardening. since i have a second not-yet-leggy pot of chard seedlings, we determined the best course of action for this pot, was to tear out the leggy seedlings and start anew. sad, but true. new seeds were started, pot was relocated, and this time around we are hoping for sturdy seedlings. grow chard grow!

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