beach bum.

sand. seaweed. shells. salt water. breasts. WHAAAAAT?!?!?! people. we are NOT at a nude beach. there are rules. you cant just flounce around without your top. yeeeeesssshhhhh! you might think that since we live a mere 1.4 miles from the beach, we spend massive amounts of free time frolicking in the waves. not so. we seem to only visit with our visitors. today we have visitors. today we went to the beach. all was going well until we discovered that in setting camp in the only shady spot, we had unwittingly situated ourselves directly between two bare-breasted dames. as adults, we are all cognizant of the existence of these globes, but needless to say, visiting a REGULAR public beach, this was not the spectacle we had signed on for. undaunted we dumped our towels, water bottles, and shoes, and headed for the water where we pretended to be fish. except that fish are not perturbed by the endless supply of seaweed. ugh. and salt water. yechk. and sand. argh. after almost two hours being trounced by the waves, we surrendered to hunger and exhaustion and left the beach behind. or so we thought. unknowingly we brought the beach with us, but this was not discovered until AFTER we tarnished the spic and the span of our recently (yesterday) scrubbed clean abode. as we shed our suits, torrents of sand and seaweed spilled across the floor, seeking shelter in every nook and cranny. the mister provided accommodation to an extra pocketful of sand, which he presumably acquired when he buried himself. i suspect we will be finding sand for months to come.

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