over the moon.

the storage bins are complete! i finished up my twelve boxes. decorated, decopaged, and already filled to the gills with all my doos and dads for sewing. and yes, they are numbered. i might be occasionally disorganized, but that does not make me any less neurotic. there is an entire box just to hold all the little bits of fabric that i can't bear to part with, but are too small to do anything, or are they? crumbs, we quilters call them. i've never made a crumb quilt, but now that i have my crumbs in such a gloriously accessible box, perhaps it is the time.

i spent twenty minutes explaining to the mister why these new creations should be admired. i am not sure that he fully appreciates their usefulnes, but he said they look 'nice'. mmmhhmm. i was going for 'stunning', 'out of this world', 'awe-inspiring', etc. but, i'll try not to be a whiner, and i will be satisfied with 'nice'. it's better than 'fine'.
since i know you are dying to see them, here are the before and after pictures. you be the judge. are they nice? or are they stupendous?




  1. It is a work of art! You will have so much fun looking at this area and find it delightful to have your things so organized. What a great project.
    "Awe-inspiring, stunning, out-of-this-world.... " :-)

  2. awww shucks, you are too sweet. :) it is definitely a dream to have organization and my boxes make me smile.

  3. so lovely! i love the numbers- it's like a semi grown up sesame street sewing room.

  4. go figure, my mums thought the "before" picture was a more interesting array of stuff.