the hairy truth.

i dye my hair.

there i said it. maybe you've never noticed, but i've been doing it for years.
i am not exactly sure when it started, but i am not counting the time when i was sixteen and had two skinny braids dyed green by kool-aid (who knew kool-aid was so powerful?) nor am i counting the times i did crazy colors for halloween. nope, for our purposes i gonna say that it all started when i was visiting a lovely lass, who at the time was stationed in germany. after a day spent wandering her quaint snow-covered town, what better idea than to dye hair? being employed by the u.s. army, she opted out of the adventure, as they tend to frown upon rebellious hair colors, but i having become recently unemployed and headed for a stint in the u.s. peace corps, felt no such inhibitions. we went with red. kind of a bright red.

these days i dont do anything quite so drastic, but the color is definitely not the natural hue of my tresses. at this point i am not exactly sure that i could tell you the official color of my hair in its natural state, but it is something along the lines of mousy brown. now, i ask you...would you rather have hair the dull shade of mousy brown or the luscious shade of dark mahogany brown? right. hence, i dye my hair.
my bottle of choice? revlon colorsilk #32. it's lovely and costs less than $3. super! although the do-it-yourself part can sometimes get a bit scary. i typically end up with spots on my ears, neck and shoulders, but those rub off...most of the time. generally the process is uneventful, but i do occasionally miss a bit of hair, which leaves the locks looking a bit strange. luckily my sense of beauty does not seem perturbed by my helter-skelter hairdos. so yes, as we countdown the end of 2009, the mister is snoring away the eve and i am ridding myself of an unseemly line of mousy-brown roots.

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