identification, if you please.

every time i travel i am in the same quandary. how to announce to the world that the glorious hot pink suitcase belongs to me? thanks to the airlines insistence on charging hefty fees to take care of my luggage for me, i have joined the masses who carry all of my possessions on board the aircraft to be stowed in the overhead compartments. it seems that since my luggage never leaves my person, it is slightly unnecessary to affix luggage tags. however, being the neurotic lass that i am, i of course require a method to identify my bags as belonging to me me me.

simple, right? uh huh. sure. put on a luggage tag. but where do i get said luggage tag? when i was a wee human my parents took care of this for me. as i grew older i borrowed their luggage tags of unknown origins, because mi casa era su casa. but now that i am grown i dont seem to have any tags. you know the fancy ones that look pretty and are durable so you can use them for years and years? how do people acquire these tags? do people actually BUY luggage tags? if that isnt a silly thing on which to waste money, i dont know what is. since i was unwilling to buy a tag, i needed some organization to give one to me just because. apparently i hobnob with the wrong crowd, because none of the freebies hoisted in my direction are luggage tags. why why why? in the absence of real luggage tags, for the last fourteen years i have been using the cheesy paper ones provided by the airlines. ridiculous isn't it?

but last night i had a revelation. why on earth haven't i MADE luggage tags? i make everything else, i cant believe i didnt think of this sooner!! thats right kids. i sewed some tags. it was easy as pie - well actually i dont find pie-making to be particularly easy, but you get the picture. i thought about embroidering my contact information onto the tags, but that seemed a little overkill, so i wrote it on with a permanent marker. i am almost certain that i am now in possession of the cutest luggage tags EVER. i cant wait to see the looks of jealousy from the other passengers who are stuck with the little paper doohickeys from the airlines.

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