the silver screen.

the movie mania on television during the holiday season is dazzling. i find myself trying to decide between three, sometimes even four, fabulous movies. i want to watch them all!! for some reason that i cannot understand, it is thrilling to find a favorite movie on television. even when i own the movie, i still catch myself watching it on the boob tube. perhaps i am a glutton for commercials. top 10 list of movies shown during the holidays...

the most important movie of the holiday season???
  • it's a wonderful life - donna reed and jimmy stewart TOGETHER. thats all that needs to be said. christmas aint christmas without this movie.
and rounding out the rest of the holiday season...
  • national lampoon's christmas vacation - this movie induces fits of hysterical laughter and helps you realize that your "crazy" family maybe aint so bad.
  • a christmas story - i triple dog dare you.
  • the holiday - admittedly a total chick flick, but it's a keeper.
  • love actually - adorable. even dudes like this one!
  • the last holiday - sort of a random addition, but queen latifah is kinda awesome and this movie is surprisingly uplifting.
  • miracle on 34th street - hard not to believe in santa claus after this one.
  • the polar express - for children yes, but the animation is astounding and it is a lovely story.
  • elf - a wacky movie, but funny.
  • the santa clause - i know i know. but it IS a cute movie.

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