going postal.

i may have mentioned this before, but just in case you do not know about it, i love the united states postal service. i mean seriously, you can send five sheets of paper across the country for a mere 44 cents. and be honest...when you get mail, and i am talking about good mail, not bills and junk, you always get a bit of a thrill. am i right? and stamps..oh the joy of stamps.  i have gads and gads of stamps, some dating back fifteen years, just waiting for the perfect envelope. they can make or break the beauty of a mailing. truly folks, ditch the liberty bells and check out some of the other philatelic offerings!!! hello, awesome love stamps.
the current love stamp.

comics...so nifty.

even the "humdrum" stamps are delectable.

these stamps are small change, but are some of my favorites.
all images of stamps are from the united states postal service website.

sometimes i suspect that my love of everything postal has led me to know more about the postal service than many of their employees. in fact, twice in my past i considered applying for a job with the postal service, but i was thwarted by the application FEE(?!?!) and the fact that many postal employees are downright pissy (mom, my apologies if that word offends you....ooops). i do not know if this is a unique qualification for the job or a not-so-glamorous result. either way, i am definitely waaaaay to cheerful to qualify for a shift in any urban post office. obviously i adore the postal service, but they do have one big BIG flaw. it is virtually impossible to make a quick run to the post office. in fact i would not be surprised if i learned that post offices hold the world record for longest average wait time. which makes it all the more amusing/frustrating to see a sign like the one below...a new addition to my local post office.


  1. aweuiyak
    I figured I would leave that one...had my fingers on the wrong keys :) what I meant to say is "Pissy"? That's what you're worried about your mom hearing? Please don't let your mom read my blog :)

  2. Of course, it will take much more than a 5 minute wait to ever see the station manager......

  3. keri, my mom is NOT a fan of cursing. "crap" is semi-acceptable, "sucks" is totally verboten. to her way of thinking, "pissy" is probably offensive.

    nancy, so funny that you should mention that. yesterday, someone DID ask to see the station manager about a missing package..they were told to wait to the side, because it would be a LONG wait. i guess the workers have not read the sign.