THE quilt. day 2.

i have to admit that it does not seem that i made much progress on the quilt yesterday. but i did. i made twenty of the fill-in-the-gap circles, which are awfully itty bitty, but totally adorable. and i received two more pieces of fabric in the mail, so i made two more big circles. plus i did some brain organization to figure out how on earth i am going to put all of these fabrics together, especially since there are still twenty one fabrics en route. yikes. apparently the world is just as excited as me about procrastinating and being fashionably late.

day two circles.

since i want to keep up the progress of sewing, i had to come up with a plan to handle the additional fabrics which are expected to arrive sometime in the next two (or three....eeek!) weeks. i started trying to draw the design on paper, but the scale is awfully important and without some sort of mini-template, there was no way for me to do this by hand. so i switched to digital designing. seems a bit like overkill for a "simple" quilt, but my pops is an engineer and that half of me does not do carefree designing. when i moved to the computer my goal was to make sure that i can actually fit all of the circles onto the size quilt i had planned.

the digital quilt.

good news...it is all sorted. until someone else informs me that they are sending fabric. then things could get a bit hairy. i suppose i will just cross that bridge when i get to it. for now the purple, green, dark blue, orange, and yellow circles are all sewn. the light blue circles are the placeholders for the fabrics i have not yet received and i expect to add more of the mini circles (yellow, orange, and dark blue). just looking at this makes me smile, because the quilt is coming to life. yahoo!!!

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