wonky windows #13.

wondering what i do with my time? you are probably thinking i spend all of my time looking for things to photograph and feature as wonky windows. you might be right. but i have to admit, i find it seriously amusing to share my world via a few select pictures each week.

this is actually a picture i took about a year ago. it was a demonstration of my ridiculous fondness for green. i always knew green was my favorite color, but i did not fully appreciate how much it had infiltrated my life until i gathered just a few things to include in this "green" picture. if only you knew how many things were left out. clearly i love the color green. in the course of the year a lot has changed...my phone is now in a pink case, my purse is a lovely brown, my favorite sweater is too small for my belly, and my toes are natural because i read somewhere that nail polish leeches through your nails, so i am scared to wear it while i am pregnant. regardless of these facts, my favorite color is still green, right? ummm...well, i think so. although lately i have noticed that my color preference seems to have shifted over the course of my pregnancy.  i now find myself ridiculously drawn to orange. 

when it came to select an exercise ball, i picked orange. just the other day i bought a yoga mat. color? why, orange of course. now i am starting to get concerned, because pringle will be residing in our bedroom and we seemed headed for a huge clash between the pre-pregnancy and pregnancy decor. but green and orange go great together, right?

my wonderful mister. he has always been wonderful, but since we found out about the existence of pringle, his awesomeness has known no bounds. during the first trimester, when i wanted nothing to do with food, he took over making my lunch. and he has not ceased this production. he follows a list and makes me the same exact lunch every day. you might think this is boring, but let's face it...the lunch is working and when you are feeding a pregnant lady, you do NOT get creative. but there are often little quirks that make me chuckle. yesterday amongst my lovely strawberries, i found a miniature, unripe strawberry, with its little leaves painstakingly sliced off, just like all the big, ripe strawberries. kind of like a mini-me strawberry. the adorableness was not enough to overcome the knowledge that it would be a bitter bite, but i did struggle to throw the cute little berry in the garbage.

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