hanging on to the future.

when i think of myself, i kinda still think i am a kid. but technology seems to be around simply to remind me of the gap between generations and the fact that contrary to my beliefs, i am no longer a kid. i have always chuckled about (and cheered) my mom's escapades on the computer and, most recently, her foray into text messaging. but the reality is that my smug little self is now getting lost in the dust. let's face it...i only took up text messaging, because i became friends with some young-uns, who were quick to help me realize that phone calls were so 1990s. so i got with the program and started text messaging. shortly after, the same friends convinced me to join facebook. i did and now i feel the urge to check it every three minutes. somewhere in all of this i discovered smartphones (hello, iphone!!), online education (yay master's degree), and blogging (wahoo!). despite what i thought was technological prowess, it still seemed that the future of communication had swept by and i was just hanging on to its coattails by a fingernail.

stuck under a sleeping baby.

and then i had a baby. sometime in a sleep deprived moment, probably stuck under a sleeping pringle, i jumped into this thing called twitter. you may have heard of it. i signed up for an account in 2008, but not really understanding it, i never tweeted. it is a strange concept, but i think i love it. although, it does seem like it is the perfect breeding ground for stalkers. details details. and now in my determination to at least ride ON the coattails of the future, i signed up for google+ (have not yet figured out its purpose) and thanks to mrs. nipper knapp, as of last night i am now a member of pinterest. i have only pinned a few things, but i think the idea is a gem. i wonder what is next. i am trying to keep up, but something tells me that in twenty years, pringle will be looking on in amusement as his mom tries to figure out the latest technology that is the backbone of his generation.

now that i am on top of all the latest social networks (i think), my latest adventure is to try to convince some companies that they should give me their products to test and review on my blog. see, i was bopping around on the internet looking for reviews of various baby products the mister and i are considering for purchase, when i realized that there are lots of folks out there receiving products to test out and review on their blog. i decided that since i spend inordinate amounts of time on my computer anyways, i should at least put my time to good use!! but i am thinking that if i want to convince companies that i have some clout, i might need a few more folks following my blog. so i need YOUR help. if you are a member of google or facebook or twitter or pinterest, you should find me and FOLLOW me!! no seriously, you should. all the cool kids are doing it and it makes me smile to know there are people out there. plus maybe it will help convince some corporates that swimming in brine is the bees knees. cant wait to see you in the world wide web!

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  1. Wow! I am so trying to drop out of the techno age...to much info squeezes my brain!