tales of lesotho. happy faces.

just discovered this unpublished post that i wrote last august, shortly after our trip to visit the mister's family in lesotho.

a tourism poster from the 1970s.

lesotho holds a special place in my heart...not just because it is the mister's country, but because it is full of friendly faces. some of the faces i know, some of them i don't. basotho love to smile and laugh. when you consider their circumstances, you would think there is no reason left to laugh, but they do. if you look at their clothes, possessions, and houses one might think they have nothing to give, yet they are unfailingly kind and generous. they open their hearts and their homes with no questions. my favorite times in lesotho are laughing with the people i meet and i can only hope that my spirit is as unbreakable as theirs. here are a few of the smiling faces i met during our trip.

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